InvoiceNinja At a Glance

InvoiceNinja is an online invoicing and payments platform that helps small businesses to streamline their operations. It offers a wide range of features, including the ability to create and send invoices, track payments, manage projects, and more. InvoiceNinja is available in three plans: Free, Ninja Pro ($100 per year), and Enterprise ($140 Per year). Paying annual subscribers also get two months for free. InvoiceNinja has received positive reviews for its ease of use and customization options. Some reviewers have noted that there are limits on project management, but overall the platform is praised for its comprehensive feature set.

What is InvoiceNinja?

InvoiceNinja is a cloud-based invoicing solution for small businesses that offers a free, open-source edition. The web-hosted service has over 40 payment options, excellent customer support, strong invoices, and a free pricing plan.

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InvoiceNinja can quickly populate invoices with invoice clients' contact details, product descriptions, and prices. You can also include your company logo and terms & conditions and receive automated payment reminders.

  • With a robust feature set for the price point, Invoice Ninja is an invoicing solution for micro-enterprises that includes both a free and paid version.
  • It has a highly configurable user interface and four distinct invoicing templates to match your company's needs.
  • Customer service at Invoice Ninja is rated highly, with quick response times and a variety of methods to get in touch with someone.
  • Its feature set is incredibly in-depth, with everything you would expect from an invoicing service and unique benefits like listening commands.

The Advantages of Invoice Ninja

As an Invoice Ninja end-user, you may expect the following advantages:

Dynamic solution for Small businesses

InvoiceNinja may be considered a lighter alternative to well-established accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero, but when we look closer at the capabilities of Invoice Ninja, it reveals that it is better than other companies' offerings. There are several integrated solutions for invoice management, estimations processing, and sending bills in real-time. In addition, these templates allow you to make your paperwork look the way you want it to. You can choose the colors, fonts, and images that represent your organization.


The Invoice Ninja builders initially had the autonomy to develop an open-source accounting system that was simple enough for even inexperienced bookkeepers to use and get paid for their items and services as quickly as feasible. When you join up for an Invoice Ninja account, there are four simple things you must do to get paid online quickly:

  1. Create a new account and verify it.
  2. Upload your business details and logo, and test out the invoices.
  3. Enable one of the payment gateways for clients to pay you simply.
  4. Create personalized invoices to allow invoicing clients to pay you without leaving the system.
  5. You may now start invoicing clients.

Mobile platform

The developers of InvoiceNinja have just announced the launch of mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. This means that you can access your company accounts from a desktop or mobile device. The invoice ninja app today includes two-factor authentication (2FA) with full mobility and real-time file persistence.

Recurring payments

With Invoice Ninja's automated billing and recurring invoicing feature, you can set up recurring invoices to run automatically and keep a steady flow of income coming in.

Invoice-to-pay function

Using Invoice Ninja makes the process of sending invoices and getting paid very easy. You can quickly email invoices or track payments on your invoices using a mouse or touchpad with one-click functionality. It's designed to make paying you easier and faster for clients, with invoices linked to around 50 payment gateways allowing you to get bills paid online directly into your account.

InvoiceNinja Pricing

InvoiceNinja has three pricing plans for those who want to use web-based applications: one is for free, and the other two are low-cost paid alternatives.

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InvoiceNinja Free Plan

The Free plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited invoices & estimates
  • 20 customers
  • o4 templates
  • Track expenses
  • Project management
  • Track time
  • Around 40 payment gateways
  • 1 user

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InvoiceNinja Pro Plan

Everything in the Forever Free Plan and more is included with the InvoiceNinja Pro Plan, which costs $10 a month:

  • Unlimited clients
  • Around ten invoice and estimate templates
  • Get a buy now button for your eCommerce store.
  • Reports
  • Invoices will no longer have Invoice Ninja's logo on them.
  • 1 user

Invoice Ninja Enterprise Plan

Invoice Ninja's Enterprise plan, which costs $14 a month, offers all of the features included in the Pro Plan but additionally includes:

  • Customizations for invoices
  • Multiple users
  • Different level of permissions for users
  • Up to twenty users

Is InvoiceNinja Easy To Use?

Invoice Ninja is an online invoicing and billing solution that makes it easy to generate invoices and track payments. With Invoice Ninja, you can quickly create invoices, track payment statuses, enjoy increased safety and security measures, send and share invoices with ease, and manage warehouses effectively. Additionally, Invoice Ninja supports multiple users and offers a variety of languages and currencies. Invoice Ninja is a powerful tool that can help you run your business more efficiently. Try it today!

InvoiceNinja Features

Here are the core features of the software:

  • Dashboard: The dashboard of the Invoice Ninja program is very organized. It includes graphs and charts that show your Sales, Income, Payables (outstanding), Recent Payments, and Upcoming Invoices.
  • Invoicing: The free plan comes with four invoicing templates. You can only change some details on the invoices; they will have the branding of Invoice Ninja. Paid versions of Invoice Ninja offer 10 different invoice templates that are ready to be edited. You can watch your invoices change in real-time by looking at them in Live PDF form.
  • Estimates: Depending on your subscription, there are different estimate templates to choose from. Invoice ninja will turn your estimates into invoices as soon as they are accepted, which some programs do not have.
  • Proposals: You can use Invoice Ninja to create detailed proposals for your customers. Proposals are customizable, so you can use existing proposal templates or create your own.
  • Contact Management: You can manage customers and vendors with Invoice Ninja plans. You can save their contact information, payment terms, language preference, and any notes you have about them.
  • Project Management: With Invoice Ninja, you can keep track of your projects effortlessly.
  • Tasks: There are two ways to make a list of tasks: from the Task screen or from a Kanban board.
  • Time Tracking: You can record the time using the default timer in the app or by entering it manually.
  • Reports: Invoice Ninja has 13 different reports. The most frequent reports are the Standard Profit and Loss and the Aging reports. But some less common reports focus on specific elements such as invoices, and contacts.
  • Listening Commands: One of the best features of Invoice Ninja is that you can use voice commands. You can instruct the program to perform various tasks, such as return to the dashboard or acquire a new client.
  • Multiple Currencies: The app supports over 95 different currencies and 30 distinct languages.
  • Imports & Exports: Invoice Ninja has a good and simple importing mechanism. Customers, sellers, invoices, items, and expenses may all be imported.

InvoiceNinja Customer Service

InvoiceNinja Customer Service has been getting great reviews lately. People are saying that the customer service is professional and always available to help. InvoiceNinja is a company that provides Invoicing, Payments, and Time Tracking software for businesses of all sizes. InvoiceNinja Customer Service is available 24/7 to help customers with any questions or problems they may have. InvoiceNinja is always looking for ways to improve their customer service and make sure that their customers are happy. InvoiceNinja Customer Service is definitely doing a good job according to the reviews.

InvoiceNinja Integrations

Invoice Ninja is a popular invoicing and payments platform that offers a number of different integrations to help businesses streamline their operations. Some of the most popular Invoice Ninja integrations include PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, Make, Skedda, and Authorize.Net. Each of these platforms offers a different set of features and benefits that can be helpful for businesses of all sizes. For example, PayPal offers easy online payments for businesses, while Stripe provides online payment processing for internet businesses. Zapier helps businesses automate their workflows, and Make offers a visual platform to design, build, and automate workflows. Skedda helps businesses manage their spaces more efficiently, and helps businesses streamline their project management processes. Finally, Authorize.Net provides credit card processing for small and medium business merchants. APIANT provides cloud-based or self-hosted API integration software. Braintree offers online and mobile payment gateway services. With so many different Invoice Ninja integrations available, there is sure to be a solution that meets the needs of any business.

InvoiceNinja Reviews

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